Nearby Attractions

Come and explore the popular destination spots in town, just minutes away from Best Western Plus Makassar Beach, from Losari Beach, Samalona Island, to Khayangan Island. 

  • Fort Rotterdam

    Located in the heart of Makassar, Fort Rotterdam is a 17th century Dutch fort built on top of an existing fort of Gowa Kingdom. Surrounded with 7 meters wall, the fort was equipped with six bulwarks where the five of them are still visible, while there is one bulwark is not visible any longer.

  • Losari Beach

    Approximately about 3 km from the center of Makassar, Losari Beach always attracts the visitors with its beautiful scenery. Enjoy a day off at this most iconic of Makassar city to watch the sunset, while the children have another option to play and run around the Court of Bahari, a plaza near the beach.

  • Samalona Island

    Samalona island is another idyllic tropical island off the coast, completed with white sand and crystal clear water. Take joy in the amazing sensation of tanning the skin, after having a time to admire the view of diverse marine tropical fish and colorful coral reefs in the sea by snorkeling and diving.

  • Kodingareng Keke Island

    Known as one of uninhabited islands in South Sulawesi, Kodingareng Keke is an island with no building or infrastructure that features sandy beaches and snorkeling. Walk around and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the island while playing the water and the white sand.  

  • Khayangan Island

    Only 15 minutes speed boat drive, Khayangan Island offers complete facilities, such as resort, guest house, entertainment stage, restaurant, playground, sport arena, and fishing spot. Take a time to watch the wonderful sunset at this island, whilst doing some water activities.